Codeminer 42

Codeminer 42 is a well regarded as a leading software development boutique. We have helped small to big companies, in Brazil and the USA, to deliver the products their users need, with a no-nonsense approach, quality-driven development.

We recruit talents across the country, pairing them with our senior developers in one of our 10 offices (São Paulo, Campinas, Sorocaba, Natal, Novo Hamburgo, Teresina, Anápolis, Goiânia, Batatais, Guarapuava, Santa Maria).

We implement a low-overhead organization where each software developer gets used to self-manage their own work, helping out their peers.

Our specialty is web development, particularly Ruby on Rails and Javascript-centric technologies. Most of our developers communicate in English and we are used to integrate existing teams to help out accelerate the delivery of existing web products.