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Who We Are: ESC is a Charlottesville VA based company creating solutions that provide interactive data visualization to education administrators, policymakers, and reformers.

What We Do: We provide end-to-end data solutions, ranging from data integrity to analytics and visualization. Our services have empowered school administrators and education policymakers across the US. We specialize in efficient data processing, ensuring data integrity, and providing robust statistical analysis and visual analytics.

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Front-End Developer Education Strategy Consulting’s mission is to bring high-quality data analytics and visualizations to the field of education. To meet the demands of our growing business, we are looking for additional front-end developers. We provide our clients with highly-optimized web applications using cutting-edge programming techniques and web technologies. To be successful in this position, the developer must: possess a solid knowledge of front-end technologies and be familiar with WHATWG specifications know how to debug and optimize complex web pages using standard developer tools understand the requirements of feature and cross-browser testing The Front-End Developer's responsibilities include: the creation of data-rich web-applications for our clients feature and browser testing contributing to the development of our libraries and processes leading quality assurance efforts As part of a team of continuous learners, the successful candidate...