Digital Pages Publicações Eletrônicas Eireli

For over 15 years leading initiatives to bring content to digital
 screens, Digital Pages has been an undisputed pioneer, consolidating its position as a market leader in Brazil. We offer flexible, robust solutions through the Rich Digital Pages Platform, enabling new, innovative approaches to production, distribution, commercialization and use of digital content in the education, corporative and media segments.

Our solutions focus on offering the best user experience and bringing new opportunities for companies that create or distribute content. Digital Pages offers a strong layer of editorial and operational services associated with strategic consulting with the objective of identifying the most assertive approaches to provide digital content and how to best explore all the features offered by the RDP Platform, so costs become investments, with a clear perception of value and guaranteed return, and not just an expense.

The RDP Platform comprises 7 highly integrated and complementary modules that allow any content to be delivered to any user (B2C or B2B). The platform is compatible with the most comprehensive array of devices, under any business rules, with a customizable graphical interface and designed to be easily integrated with other systems.