Senior PHP Developer

  • Moat Builders Brasil
  • Remoto (Brasil)
  • 29/04/2021
PJ Programação/Arquitetura

Descrição da vaga

We are an autonomous and multidisciplinary team of software developers who got together to grow, have fun and add value to society by executing on a worthwhile mission. From our CEO to our most junior developer, everyone at Moat Builders is a technical-doer. No unreliable contractors, no cut-me-in recruiters, no own-agenda agencies.

Since 2018 we provide high-performing developers for small and medium-sized businesses and assist startups that still don't need a full-time technology team to execute their vision with our CTO as a Service. You are a Moat developer but you sit in our Clients' company development team, to help them grow. The problem we solve is to keep developers independent and with financial safety.

We know how to mix benefits, security and freedom to keep ourselves motivated and focused. If clients decide to reduce their team, we will allocate you to another company that you are interested in.

Many developers like to be constantly reallocated to push themselves to acquire more experience and learn new technologies. Other, stay in the same company since they are a Moat member.

We give you the possibility to work wherever you want, for as long as you want. That is the independence we give, and what we ask in return is professionalism and kindness.

We want developers who want to grow to their best version, and we want to help you get there.

Some of the benefits we offer:

  • Superior salary: because our customer base is in Europe we can command better salaries
  • Self-improvement yearly bonus: We give all devs a fixed-sum yearly bonus that they can spend with anything that will make them happy
  • 3 to 6 months of safety net: Whenever a project is over we will pay your salary while we relocate you to a new project
  • We support your growth: We fund your learning to keep your skills relevant and sharp.
  • Yearly trip: We love to travel. We rent houses around Brazil from where we can live/work/travel whenever we fancy
  • Part of the Moat family: Moat is a friendly members-only club for developers, and you can count on us for anything from technical questions to life-changing decisions
  • Remote working: Yes!
  • English teacher and working environment: You will learn in 3 months what would take you eight years to learn in an English school

What we're looking for

PHP developers with 5+ years of experience in software development.


  • A solid understanding of Object Oriented Design, PHP and MySQL
  • Experience with Frameworks (extra points for Symfony), Git, MVC, Testing (PHPUnit / PHPSpec)
  • Experience with VueJS will be considered an asset
  • Love for code that is clean, standards-compliant, well-tested, well patterned
  • Passion for software development, learning, and growing your craft
  • Good spoken and written English

What will you be working on

You will work on a fascinating group of developers from a company related to helping people to start their first business. Our client is a medium-sized company located in London.

You will work alongside other Moat developers. Your job will be mainly Backend development in PHP.

The client is already in the market for 15+ years. So the business model is sound and profitable. Your job is to maintain, update and develop new features for their existing systems.


R$10.000 - 13.000 / month


R$ 10.000,00 - R$ 13.000,00 / Month