Lead Software Engineer, Back End

  • JPeF Consultoria
  • Hybrid (Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
  • 10/02/2024
CLT DevOps

Descrição da vaga

Lead a portfolio of diverse technology projects and a team of developers with deep experience in distributed microservices, and full stack systems to create solutions that help meet regulatory needs for the company • Share your passion for staying on top of tech trends, experimenting with and learning new technologies, participating in internal & external technology communities, mentoring other members of the engineering community, and from time to time, be asked to code or evaluate code • Collaborate with digital product managers, and deliver robust cloud-based solutions that drive powerful experiences to help millions of Americans achieve financial empowerment • Utilize programming languages like Java, Python, SQL, Node, Go, and Scala, Open Source RDBMS and NoSQL databases, Container Orchestration services including Docker and Kubernetes, and a variety of AWS tools and services.

    • BENEFÍCIOS: Vale Alimentação e Refeição, Vale-Transporte, Vale transporte, Plano de Saúde, Odontológico e Seguro de Vida, Participação nos Lucros – PLR, Auxílio creche, Cursos de Idiomas: Subsídio para cursos de Inglês e Espanhol.


    • SALÁRIO: A Combinar




    • LOCAL DE TRABALHO: Belo Horizonte / MG




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